Every Voice Counts (EVC) Program Third National Advocacy Conference Position Paper

Organization : CARE

Imprint : CARE, 2019

EVC is a program that invests in social cohesion and community development, while contributing to women and girls’ empowerment, an enabling environment, civil society strengthening and government responsiveness through different interventions such as capacity development, rights awareness raising, lobby and advocacy, social accountability, research and knowledge management. As a result, there are increases in girls’ access to education (re-enrolment of girls at school), women access to local health services, women participation in local decision making processes (e.g. in community development councils), women recruitment in local official structures and community groups, and in renovation, approval and start of construction for new schools and class rooms, clinics and hospital in some of the target areas.

  • Access to education, Accountability, Anti-corruption strategies, Community participation, Capacity building, Civil society, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Report card surveys, Economic and social development, Educational management, Gender, Health, Non-governemental organizations, Research, Social accountability, Community education
  • Asia and the Pacific