Education in Ukraine- The people's voice project in Ternopil and Ivano Frankivsk: An assessment of local reform intiatives in public education

Author(s) : Yereniuk, Roman; Ruda, Oksana

Organization : International Centre for policy studies

Imprint : Kiev, ICPS, 1999

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6 p.

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Incl. app., bibliographical notes and references, glossary, index, list of acronyms, executive summary, notes on the authors, statistical annex

After little more than a year, public education reform continues in the western Ukrainian cities of Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk, spurred on by important community initiatives. The People's Voice Project (PVP), sponsored by the World Bank and the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS), has encouraged the citizens of these cities to take an enhanced position in the management and ownership of public education. Parents and parent school councils, NGOs, business leaders and senior students all have prominent roles to play in education reform alongside civic administrators. This project work and methodology in public education could be easily replicated in other cities with a similar approach.

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Community participation, Corporate sector, Economic and social development, Educational management, Central administration, Non-governemental organizations, Parents, Parent-teacher associations, Students
  • Europe