Developments and detection of education fraud in the Republic of Armenia: risks and responses in the COVID-19 age

Author(s) : Harutyunyan, Gayane; Hovhannisyan, Ani; Gevorgyan, Nazani; Draper, Michael

Organization : Council of Europe, National Information Centre for Academic Recognition and Mobility (Armenia), ArmENIC

Imprint : Council of Europe, 2022

Collation :

50 p.

The objective of this publication is to reach a wider audience of all stakeholders and to raise their awareness on the current issues of academic integrity and fraud and their impact on the Armenian education system. Moreover, the study aims at examining the development and detection of the various forms of education fraud and corruption practices taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic and to make recommendations in the context of identified ethical principles for education. 

  • Academic fraud, Corruption, Integrity, Higher education
  • Armenia