Corruption in Latvia: survey evidence

Author(s) : Anderson, James

Organization : World Bank

Imprint : Washington D.C., World Bank, 1998

Collation :

50 p.

Series : Working Paper, Report No. 33257

Notes :

Incl. app., graphs, tables, stats, survey, definitions

This report presents the main findings of Latvia's diagnostic corruption surveys. As this report is based on survey evidence, it focuses primarily on lower level of corruption in the public sector. The survey evidence suggests that corruption in public service delivery is a serious concern. The trend appears to be getting worse, and more importantly, certain aspects of public sector service delivery suggest an environment that is fostering an expansion of corrupt practices. While private sector enterprises do not complain too loudly about corruption as a problem of doing business, they do complain about the regulatory environment, particularly the excessive discretionary powers of regulators. The surveys also present clear evidence of certain "vicious circles" that point to increasing entrenchment of corruption, expansion of the unofficial economy, and deterioration in the quality of government services.

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Corporate sector, Corruption, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Economic and social development, Educational management, Central administration, Governance, Public sector
  • Europe