Dear Carissa,
    I would like your support to enable the data collection of my academic project. The objective of the project is to show the efficiency of one of the proposals contained in the package of measures launched by Transparency International Brazil. The main points of the proposal are:

    - Inclusion in the curriculum of basic and secondary education related to ethics education, solidary citizenship, participation in public management and control of public expenditure.

    - Alteration of the National Curricular Common Base to include in the education of children and adolescents information about causes, impacts, risks, damages and means of coping with corruption.

    I intend to use the Economic Law Analysis approach to measure efficiency using the Kaldor-Hicks method. For this I need data on the costs and benefits involved in the proposition. The OECD article that was used as a reference in the TI Brazil presentation mentions some countries that are adopting the measures but, however, there is no data on benefit measurement. So I would kindly ask you to support me to make this data viable.

    Thank you very much in advance,



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