Bureaucratic structure and performance: first Africa survey results

Author(s) : Court, Julius; Kristen, Petra; Weder, Beatrice

Organization : United Nations University (Tokyo)

Imprint : Tokyo, UNU, 1999

Collation : 48 p.

This paper presents the results of a survey led on incentives and structures of African bureaucracies. The authors start by studying the evidence on bureaucratic structure across Africa. They find quite large differences in structure and performance between countries in the region and also between Africa and other regions of the world. Secondly, they incorporate the African data into the sample of developing countries, which allow them to estimate whether meritocratic bureaucracies perform better, have lower corruption and higher efficiency in their service delivery and provide a better framework for the private sector. They find that the African countries are described reasonably well by the same incentive structure as other countries. Better performance appears to be associated with greater power and autonomy of agencies to formulate policies, good career opportunities in the public sector, good pay of public servants and little shifting between public and private employment.

  • Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Corruption, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Economic and social development, Public sector
  • Africa