Assessment of corruption in Samara Oblast: results of a public opinion survey

Author(s) : Management Systems International (USA);

Organization : Management Systems International (USA)

Imprint : Washington, MSI, 2002

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14 p.

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Public sector corruption, commonly understood as the misuse of public office for private gain, exists throughout the world and is widespread in many places. Corruption has been shown to be very costly to economic growth and inhibits the development of effective governing practices. From an economic perspective, corruption increases the cost of doing public and private business and is a major disincentive for investors. From a governance perspective, corruption distorts the intent and implementation of laws and regulations, limits the delivery and quality of government services, excludes citizens from open participation in their government, and reduces government accountability, transparency and legitimacy. The objectives of this assessment report are to support the efforts of the Samara Oblast Administration and civil society to enhance economic growth and good governance practices by promoting an effective and well-informed strategy against corruption.

  • Accountability, Anti-corruption strategies, Legal framework, Civil society, Corporate sector, Corruption, Diagnostic tools / surveys, Economic and social development, Educational management, Central administration, Governance, Public sector, Transparency
  • Europe
    Russian Federation