UNODC University Module series on integrity and ethics

Organization : United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC

Imprint : Vienna, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, 2022

Collation :

14 modules

Series : Knowledge tools for academics and professionals

Notes :

Global Resource for Anti-Corruption Education and Youth Empowerment, GRACE Initiative

Building a culture of lawfulness starts with strengthening our ethical values and the ability to act upon them. To that end, UNODC developed a series of Integrity and Ethics Modules, which lecturers can use as a basis for teaching in universities and academic institutions across the world. The modules seek to enhance students' ethical awareness and commitment to acting with integrity and equip them with the necessary skills to apply and spread these norms in life, work and society. To increase their effectiveness, the modules connect theory to practice, encourage critical thinking, and use innovative interactive teaching approaches such as experiential learning and group-based work. The modules are multi-disciplinary and can be integrated as ethics components in non-ethics courses. By focusing on common universal values, the modules leave room for diverse perspectives and lecturers can easily adapt them to different local and cultural contexts. Each module is designed as a three-hour class but also provides guidelines on how to develop it into a full course.


All modules are available in Spanish and Portuguese. The translation process is ongoing.

  • Anti-Corruption Education, Anti-corruption strategies, Ethics, Integrity, Higher education