The Structures and Agents Enabling Educational Corruption in Cambodia: Shadow Education and the Business of Examinations

Author(s) : Brehm, William C.

Imprint : New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

Collation :

p. 99-119

Notes :

In: Kitamura Y., Edwards D.B., Sitha C., Williams J.H. (eds) The Political Economy of Schooling in Cambodia. International and Development Education

A central feature of the contemporary education system in Cambodia is the perceived necessity of extra classes in order for students to pass monthly, semester, and national examinations. Although this perception is not always correct because sometimes more students pass exams than take extra lessons, it does nevertheless highlight the issue of educational corruption in and through a system of shadow education.

  • Academic fraud, Corruption, Examinations and diplomas, Private tutoring
  • Asia and the Pacific