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    Corruption in the education sector


    - IMG Médias

    The report of the National Anti-Corruption Commission revealed suspicions of financial and administrative corruption in the public education sector for the year 2018. These suspicions include embezzlement of funds by the accountant of a college in Menzel Bouzelfa (Nabeul), as well as the appropriation of public funds by the headmaster of a primary school in the governorate of Sidi Bouzid.

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    Fake professor claim raises more questions


    Alex Abutu - University World News

    The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC) revealed that about 100 fake professors were discovered in the university system. Academics across the country expressed their surprise by asking for concrete evidence. However, according to a Ph.D. student at the Nasarawa State University, the revelation by the NUC Secretary may be targeting the hundreds of professors parading themselves in government offices who have not conducted any research or teaching in the last 20 years.

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    Operators of cheating services face jail under new law


    Geoff Maslen - University World News

    The Minister of Education announced that cheats selling their services to Australian university students would face two years imprisonment or fines of up to AU$100,000. Students who cheat will also be subject to their institutions’ own academic integrity policies and sanctions. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency will be empowered to request legal measures to force internet service providers and search engines to block cheating websites.

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    District Education Officers asked to take action against ghost teachers


    - The Tribune Express

    The Secretary Secondary Education urged that all the District Education Officers identify all the ghost teachers in their district. He directed them to submit details of all the closed and inactive schools. They should also report completion of the Public Sector Development Programme schemes to the respective construction firms only after complete satisfaction and visits to the schools. Those neglecting their duties will be held responsible.

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    Plagiarism: A symptom of a much larger problem in our culture


    Namia Akhtar - The Daily Star

    Academic fraud takes place in epic proportions in Bangladesh, from copying music to copying homework and buying readymade thesis. Contract cheating and plagiarism are not only widespread among students, but it is also practiced by some faculty members of Dhaka University. Also, there are many incidents of the student wing of political parties forcing professors to pass them in an exam after submitting a wrong answer script or without even appearing for it.

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    Education fraud


    - Daily Times

    To fill the gap between demand and constant increasing supply, many players in the higher education sector live by the saying that ‘fake it if you cannot make it’. South of Punjab has been hit by fake education. In Alipur, a branch of a known college chain claimed to be affiliated with GC University, Faisalabad. Many students paid fees to get registered, however, the university website doesn’t recognize it as an affiliated college. The robbed students moved administration and made complaints. But the institutions are supported by the feudal lords in the area.

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    Preschool special education in New York: How providers misspent $85M and fuelled an access crisis


    David Robinson - Iohud

    11 preschool owners and workers stole millions of tax dollars through a variety of schemes, using it to pay for everything from diamonds and Costco shopping to home renovations and a family wedding, state documents show. Child advocacy groups have warned of a preschool special education crisis in New York and signed a letter to the governor urging increases in the reimbursement rate earlier this year.

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    At what price a PhD degree?

    Saudi Arabia

    Tariq A. Al-Maeena - Saudi Gazette

    110 offices selling forged degrees from non-Saudi universities have been identified by the Ministry of Higher Education. Prices for a fake bachelor’s or master’s degree can cost anywhere from SR3,000 to SR30,000 while a bogus doctorate can cost up to SR90,000 from an institution in the west. The degrees supplied by these diploma mills are issued by institutions that offer courses without approved standards or are simply issued by the transfer of money into an overseas account. Measures have been taken to detect such agencies.

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    Academics fight against rampant misconduct


    - University World News

    According to 10 Ukrainian scientists, plagiarism, pseudoscience, bribes, and cheating are some of the big threats to academia in Ukraine. Around 90 percent of all science professors in Ukraine are not legitimate researchers. A study of undergraduate students in the Ukrainian city of Lvivs shows that 93 percent of students reported that they had plagiarized schoolwork and 48 percent said they had paid bribes at their university.

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    Senior education officials jailed for power abuse in high school exam fraud

    Viet Nam

    Pham Du - VNExpress International

    Many senior educations officials have been arrested or disciplined for abuse of power for personal gain. Investigations revealed that the results of more than 200 students from the three provinces who took their exams had been modified. Dozens of students from the best universities were expelled or voluntarily dropped out of school after their results were corrected.

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