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  • Newspaper

    University head, council sentenced for contempt of court



    Capital News - University World News

    Egerton University Vice-Chancellor and eight University Council members have received a 30-day jail term following their failure to implement a court order directing them to pay the lecturers 100% of their salaries. Egerton University Academic Staff Union (UASU) Chapter had filed for contempt after the university imposed a 40% pay cut in 2020 allegedly as a stop-gap measure at the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the Council failed to produce evidence of the necessity of this measure.

  • Open government empowers students, from Portugal to Peru


    New computers, recreational equipment, a school garden, or recycling equipment? In Portugal, students are having their say. For six years now, the Ministry of Education has hosted an open budgeting initiative – Orçamento Participativo das Escolas, or OPEscolas – reaching some 200,000 young people in 90% of the country’s public schools.

  • Integrity matters! Using open educational practices to address online integrity

    Cindy Ives; Beth Perry; Pamela Walsh; Cheryl Kier


  • Open government in education : Open budgeting: participatory school budgets in Portugal

    Basic page

    This case study focuses on the participatory school budgets (PSB) implemented since 2017at the initiative of the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

  • Newspaper

    Questions over delay to enact sex for grades bill



    Afeez Bolaji - University World News

    The Government will introduce a new bill aimed at tackling growing incidences of sexual harassment in Nigerian higher education institutions. It prescribes imprisonment of up to 14 years for any academic found guilty of sexual misconduct against students. According to a World Bank survey, 70% of female graduates from Nigerian tertiary institutions were sexually harassed in school by their course-mates and lecturers. It shows the need to strengthen mechanisms in universities and other higher institutions in Nigeria to monitor the activities of both lecturers and students.

  • Newspaper

    Rise in contract-cheating and plagiarism during online exams: what can teachers do?



    Sukanya Nandy - News 18

    Following the impact of Covid-19 on the education sector, learning institutions worldwide are adopting digital tools that help assessors identify original content, and are working with their faculty to develop an awareness of academic integrity. The Learning Spiral survey shows over 70 per cent of students in India admitted to cheating in online exams, and others admitted to copying answers word-for-word without offering citations.

  • Newspaper

    Measuring HE ethics: An inclusive new ranking is launched

    Switzerland, Nigeria, China, USA, Cape Verde


    Nic Mitchell - University World News

    The new University Ranking (GUR) will provide a unique global ranking instrument that places values, ethics, and sustainability as central principles of higher education institutions worldwide. It encompasses a new higher education framework to assess student learning experience, and key stakeholders on integrity, values-driven leadership, and sustainability commitment. Universidad de Santiago, a private institution in Cape Verde, received the highest overall score and gained the best marks for student sustainability and integrity.

  • Newspaper

    Region’s MPs worry about ‘quack’ private institutions

    South Africa, Uganda


    Jean d’Amour Mbonyinsh - University World News

    The Inter-University Council for East Africa and member states from the East African Community need to address the issue of poor quality of education in private universities operating without minimum requirements. Members of the East African Legislative Assembly are concerned about those “quack universities” where students are tricked into enrolling but later fail to graduate after the universities have closed. This is the case of Kampala University, which opened a branch in Juba but closed without informing students, leaving them stranded.

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