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  • Mapping of risks

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    Corruption in education is sector-wide. It may be found in all areas of educational planning and management – school financing, recruitment, promotion and appointment of teachers, building of schools, supply and distribution of equipment and textbooks, admission to universities, and so on.

  • Diagnostic tools

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    Several tools are available to decision-makers for the measurement of corrupt practices within the education sector.

  • Targeting pro-poor incentives

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    In the efforts made to progress towards the EFA goals, educational incentives – e.g. school grants, scholarships, special allowances or subsidies, free textbooks or school meals – are regarded as key tools to reach the individuals, schools, and areas most in need.

  • Topics

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  • Our topics

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    In addition to knowledge production and management, ETICO provides guidance and country-level support on corruption issues in education.

  • Public expenditure tracking surveys

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    Public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS) study the flow of public funds and make it possible to determine whether resources reach their intended destination, or if there are leakages along the way.

  • Quantitative service delivery surveys

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    Quantitative service delivery surveys (QSDS) or multi-purpose surveys, are used to collect quantitative data on the efficiency of public spending and the different aspects of ‘frontline’ service delivery, usually represented by schools in the education sector.

  • Integrity assessments

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    An integrity assessment maps the corruption risks within the education sector.

  • Databases on corruption

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  • Academic integrity

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    Varieties of academic fraud include cheating in high-stakes examinations, plagiarism, credentials fraud, and misconduct in reform policies, as documented in IIEP’s publication 'Combating Academic Fraud: Towards a culture of integrity.'

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