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  • SIDA anticorruption regulation

    The foundation of the work of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) to counteract corruption is its anti-corruption regulation of May 4 2001. This booklet details this anticorruption regulation and gives practical advice on...

    Axell, Inger

    Sweden, SIDA, 2004

  • Education and corruption

    This paper will draw on standard international definitions of 'corruption' and apply them to the education sector. It will define corruption in education, explain why it is important, and describe various types of corruption and their causes...

    Heyneman, Stephen P.


  • Teacher absence and incentives in primary education: primary education results from a national teacher tracking survey in Ecuador

    High rates of absence of teachers from their posts is a serious obstacle to delivery of education in many developing countries, but hard evidence on the problem has been scarce. This study, carried out as part of a new multi-country survey project in...

    Chaudhury, Nazmul, Hammer, Jeffrey, Rogers, F. Halsey, Lopez-Calix, José, Córdoba, Nancy, Kremer, Michael, Mularidharan, Khartik


  • Roll call: teacher absence in Bangladesh

    This study represents the first systematic examination of the issue of teacher absence in Bangladesh. The objectives of this study are to: (a) document and characterize the extent of teacher absence in primary and secondary schools; (b) understand...

    Chaudhury, Nazmul, Hammer, Jeffrey, Kremer, Michael, Mularidharan, Khartik, Rogers, F. Halsey


  • Teacher absence in India: a snapshot

    25% of teachers were absent from school, and only about half were teaching, during unannounced visits to a nationally representative sample of government primary schools in India. Absence rates varied from 15% in Maharashtra to 42% in Jharkhand, with...

    Chaudhury, Nazmul, Hammer, Jeffrey, Rogers, F. Halsey, Kremer, Michael, Mularidharan, Khartik


  • Fighting governmental corruption: the new World Bank programme evaluated

    Over the past decade, the international donor community has come up with a range of initiatives to curb governmental corruption in developing countries. Top-down approaches devise administrative and judicial reforms, whereas bottom-up approaches deal...

    Klein Haarhuis, Carolien M., Leeuw, Frans L.


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