Exploring corruption in higher education: a case study of brain drain in North Macedonia

Author(s) : Jovcheska, Stefani

Imprint : 2024

Collation :

10 p.

Series : International Journal of Educational Development Volume 107, May 2024, 103025

This 2023 study examines how corruption in higher education (HE) informs the brain drain phenomenon in North Macedonia. Through data collected from college-educated students who emigrated from the country, the research uncovers the reasons behind their emigration decision and highlights the high-level nature of corruption within HE. Findings reveal that corruption, along with limited career opportunities and distrust at the systemic level, motivates individuals to seek a better life abroad. The normalization of corruption and a lack of motivation to effect change further contribute to the emigration of highly skilled individuals. The study recommends measures such as establishing integrity units within universities and addressing political party involvement to combat these issues.

  • Academic fraud, Corruption, Bribery, Students, Student behaviour, Higher education
  • North Macedonia