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    Take responsibility for ensuring ethical recruitment

    Mark Ashwill - University World News

    It has been argued, that the way to address the problem of unethical student recruitment agencies is to ban them. But are all education agents inherently bad? No. Are there serious issues and potential pitfalls? Absolutely. Although the use of education agents is fraught with potential problems, it is possible to develop ways to address legitimate concerns related to the holy trinity of accountability, integrity and transparency.

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    ATAR charade: Universities will be forced to increase transparency on admissions


    Matthew Knott - Sydney Morning Herald

    Universities will be forced to come clean to prospective students about the real ATAR cut-offs for their courses, following recommendations from the nation's top higher education panel. The review was commissioned after revelations that up to 60 per cent of students at some universities were being admitted below the advertised minimum ATAR requirements.

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    Lecturer warns of threat to research transparency


    Michael Gardner - University World News

    A German finance expert has warned that the country’s federal states could be entering a “dangerous race to the bottom” regarding legislation on transparency in cooperation between industry and higher education. He believes that cooperation agreements should be publicly accessible in order to guarantee academic freedom. The professor of finance and political economy at Aalen University, contested a contract between the University of Mainz and the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation, the country’s largest pharmaceutical company that also engages in research.

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    Unethical practices hinder growth of Nigerian universities


    Emeka Mamah - Vanguard

    Experts from many African and European countries have blamed lack of transparency and unethical practices as some of the reasons preventing Nigerian universities from making the list of best global institutions. Transparency in admissions, teachings and university administration were some of the criteria used for judging the best universities worldwide. They further said that Nigerian universities must train students on character and integrity for them to compete globally.

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    Funding framework under implementation


    Albertina Nakale - New Era

    Following 2013 Cabinet’s approval for the funding framework to ensure equity and transparency in the allocation of financial resources to public higher education institutions, the National Council for higher Education (NCHE) says budgetary submissions are being finalised for the 2017/18 financial year. The funding framework was for the first time implemented this current financial year for the country’s only two public higher education institutions.

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    Universities across the country to go cashless with UGC funds


    Deepika Burli - The Times of India

    Universities across the country may now have to resort to cashless means like bank transfers, cheques and credit/debit cards while making use of periodic funds from University Grants Commission (UGC). The commission said the move was in order to bring in accountability, transparency and seamlessness in the process of transfer of grants. The commission said it has virtually made payments cashless and decreased the interface between stakeholders and employees of the organisation.

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    There's trouble with transparency in the UK's academies


    Martin Williams - The Guardian

    Across the country, academies have been plagued by allegations of financial impropriety, conflicts of interest and even corruption. Unlike schools under local authority control, academies are responsible for their own financial management. Although this means that developing good corporate relations is essential, many have ended up without a proper framework for transparency and accountability. A 2014 report for parliament claimed that “conflicts of interest are common”, adding: “There is a broader sense that the academy system lacks transparency.”

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    ‘Descent from Heaven’ scandal rocks Japan’s Ministry of Education


    Jeff Kingston - Asia Times

    Japan’s Ministry of Education is in the hot seat over revelations that it lobbied universities to hire its retiring officials, a practice known as amakudari (descent from heaven) which is officially banned in Japan. In late 2016, damning evidence emerged that the ministry attempted to conceal its involvement in the case of a retiring ministry official landing a job at Waseda University by distributing answers to anticipated questions so that everyone involved could coordinate a story of denial.

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    Information for accountability: Transparency and citizen engagement for improved service delivery in education systems

    Lindsay Read and Tamar Manuelyan Atinc - Brookings

    There is a wide consensus among policymakers and practitioners that while access to education has improved significantly for many children in low- and middle-income countries, learning has not kept pace. Information is a key building block of a wide range of strategies that attempts to tackle weaknesses in service delivery and accountability at the school level, even where political systems disappoint at the national level.

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    German university says it will rewrite controversial funding deal


    Hinnerk Feldwisch-Drentrup - Science

    In a surprise move, the president of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany this week announced plans to overhaul controversial contracts governing the use of a €150 million donation from a philanthropic foundation. Critics have charged that the agreement gives the donor too much control over publishing decisions and faculty appointments at the school’s Institute of Molecular Biology, which the foundation helped create in 2009. The move, which could eventually influence similar funding arrangements at other German universities, only partly satisfies critics. They are pushing for greater transparency from universities and donors.

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