Rwanda Public Expenditure Tracking Survey in Education (9YBE)

Organization : Transparency International Rwanda

Imprint : Transparency International Rwanda, 2012

Transparency International Rwanda (TI-Rw), the civil society organization leading the fight against corruption and to promote good governance, is implementing a three-year project which aims to contribute to accessible, equitable and high quality primary education through more effective use of resources, focusing on the capitation grant allocated to the 9 Years Basic Education programme (9YBE).

This report presents the findings of the first phase of the project, which consisted in a Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS).

The research, which was carried out nationwide and used a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools, firstly analyzed teachers, pupils and parents’ awareness of the 9YBE. It then explored how the capitation grant is requested, disbursed, managed and used, investigating whether there is any leakage of funds. The study also assessed parent’s involvement in the management of funds and the contributions requested to families to complement the capitation grant. Finally, the report presents the perceived impact of the 9YBE programme.


  • Diagnostic tools / surveys, Public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS), Educational management, Finance, Budgets, Parents, Parent-teacher associations, Primary education, Secondary education
  • Africa