Windhoek Declaration

Auteur(s) : United Nations. Economic and Social Council

Organisation : United Nations. Economic and Social Council

Editeur : New York, United Nations, 2000

Pages :

14 p.

This Declaration recalls resolution 50/225 of the United Nations General Assembly on "Public Administration and Development" adopted at its Resumed 50th Session, reaffirming the need to strengthen national public administrations in order to promote social and economic development and to meet the challenges of globalization through access to modern information technology. It also recalls the recommendation of the Rabat Declaration on the elaboration of a Charter for the Public Service in Africa, which affirms the professional values of the public service in Africa, redefines its objectives and missions and specifies the fundamental conditions required for strengthening its role, competence, ethical values and image, including a code of conduct for African public service employees.

  • Accès à l'information, Presse, Codes de conduite, Développement économique et social, Gestion de l'éducation, Éthique, Gouvernance, Conventions internationales, Secteur public
  • Afrique, International