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  • Plagiarism across Europe and beyond: conference proceedings 2013

    The international conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond aims to be a forum for sharing best practices and experience with addressing academic integrity issues. Academic integrity is becoming more and more important topic in higher education...

    European Commission

    Brno (Czech Republic), MENDELU Publishing Centre, 2013

  • Global corruption report: education

    Corruption and poor governance are acknowledged as major impediments to realising the right to education and to reaching global development goals. Corruption not only distorts access to education, but affects the quality of education and the...

    Transparency International

    Oxford, Routledge, 2013

  • La décentralisation de l’éducation et la corruption

    The debate around the precise nature of the relationship between decentralization in education and corruption helps us understand why and under what circumstances decentralization may help limit corruption. A key principle for developing an effective...

    De Grauwe, Anton

    Transparency International, 2013

  • Tools to fight corruption at your school

    The Corruption Watch schools campaign started at the beginning of the 2013 academic year. Monitoring of schools was a major focus for us in 2013 - through 2012, from our launch in January up to the beginning of the schools campaign we had received...

    Corruption Watch (South Africa)

    Johannesburg, Corruption Watch, 2013

  • Uzbekistan: an overview

    Twenty years into independence, Uzbekistan's Soviet past still remains a politically painful and academically underexamined subject, resulting in major gaps in the historical narratives of the society. The government of the newly independent nation...

    Yakhyaeva, Laliya

    London, Bloomsbury Publishing House, 2013

  • Tajikistan: between defying despair and missing opportunities

    September 2011, Tajikistan celebrated its 20th anniversary of independence, which defied many external and oppositional cries of crisis, failure and imminent collapse. Tajikistan has not only survived but increasingly appears a viable state with...

    Niyozov, Sarfaroz, Bulbulov, Juma

    London, Bloomsbury, 2013

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