Mapping transparency and integrity deficits in primary education in Cameroon

Auteur(s) : 
Transparency International Cameroon
Organisation(s) : 
Transparency International Cameroon
Editeur : Yaounde, TI, 2011
Pagination : 46 p.

Transparency and Integrity in Service Delivery in Africa (TISDA) is a three-year, seven-country program implemented by Transparency International that started in 2008 and will conclude in 2011. It seeks to support civil society in seven African countries in working with citizens to demand greater transparency, integrity, and accountability in the management of resources for basic services in primary education (Cameroon and South Africa); the health sector (Uganda and Zambia); and the water sector (Kenya, Ghana and Senegal). This report presents the findings from extensive research and surveys on governance and corruption in the primary education sector in Cameroon.

Enseignement primaire
Responsabilité, Société civile, Corruption, Développement économique et social, Gestion de l'éducation, Gouvernance, Santé, Intégrité, Organisations non gouvernementales, Transparence