Clean future: anti-corruption action plan for Bulgaria

Auteur(s) : 
Coalition 2000 (Bulgaria)
Organisation(s) : 
Coalition 2000 (Bulgaria)
Editeur : Sofia, Coalition 2000, 1997
Pagination : 136 p.

This anti-corruption action plan has been developed within the framework of the Coalition 2000 process with the purpose of becoming part of the social agenda, as a broadly approved system of measures and actions for curbing the extremely dangerous social phenomenon of corruption. In the mid-term, its objective is to reduce corruption pressure and bring about a breakthrough in public attitudes towards illegal forms of personal gain. Special emphasis is placed on: the establishment of a favorable institutional and legal environment for the fight against corruption; public administration and judiciary reforms in terms of increased transparency and accountability; the need to limit the corruption potential inherent in privatization procedures, as well as the need to liberalize entrepreneurial activities; civil society organizations, their role in public awareness campaign; and international organizations, foreign governments and international experts - their role in defining the parameters of the anti-corruption initiative and its integration into multilateral efforts to limit corruption in the countries in transition and the rest of the world.

Responsabilité, Stratégies de lutte contre la corruption, Système judiciaire, Cadre juridique, Société civile, Secteur des entreprises, Corruption, Développement économique et social, Gestion de l'éducation, Gouvernance, Organisations non gouvernementales, Secteur public, Transparence