The Real and the fake: degree and diploma mills

Auteur(s) : Contreras, Alan; Gollin, George

Editeur : 2009

Pages :

p. 36-43

Collection : Change: the Magazine of Higher Learning, Vol. 41, No.2

The recent release of a list of over 9,000 people who bought degrees from St. Regis “University” has helped bring into focus a problem that legitimate institutions like to ignore: An enormous number of people who could be getting real college credentials are buying degree- and diploma-mill ones instead. This causes damage that goes beyond the obvious one of unfair competition. Such degrees introduce counterfeit currency into the market and call into question the value of the genuine thing.


  • Fraude académique , Usines à diplômes, Faux diplômes, Examens et diplômes, Higher education
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