IIEP-UNESCO's activities for Education Out Loud grantees

Online course on Tools to Promote Transparency in Education

22 May – 16 June 2023

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The International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) is a UNESCO institute specialised in providing knowledge, training and support to countries on educational planning and management. As an EOL Global Learning Partner, IIEP develops activities for EOL grantees on issues relating to transparency and accountability in education, as well as tools and strategies to address them.

IIEP’s work on transparency & accountability

IIEP has over 20 years of experience in conducting research and carrying out capacity-building activities on issues related to transparency, accountability and anti-corruption measures in education. The institute has recently completed two major international research projects on open school data and open government. You can find out more about some of our major lines of work by clicking on the links below, or by exploring the ETICO resource platform.

Diagnostic Tools
Open School Data
Open Government
Teacher Codes

IIEP’s support to Education Out Loud

In 2023, IIEP will offer three main learning activities to EOL grantees as part of its project:

Information sessions:

Watch the videos :

Webinar 1: Innovative strategies to engage citizens in open school data 

5 April 2023 | 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM