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  • Robbed: an investigation of corruption in Philippine education

    The Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) provides a classic case of corruption in the Philippines. Nearly all forms of corruption described in academic texts can be found in the department: from low-level bureaucratic corruption to high...

    Chua, Yvonne T.

    Quezon City (Philippines), PCIJ, 1999

  • How to spot and counter diploma mills

    The importance of this publication lies in its success, in less than 100 pages, in providing both an overview of the issue and practical ways to identify bogus providers and accrediting agencies. Many monographs and websites have provided practical...

    Finocchietti, Carlo, Checcacci, Claudia, Lantero, Luca


  • Diploma and accreditation mills: new trends in credential abuse

    This report investigates the new generation of bogus universities, taking a closer look at the involvement of bogus colleges in immigration scams and the phenomenon of online high school diploma mills. It also looks back at the year's developments in...

    Ben Cohen, Eyal, Winch, Rachel

    Bedford, 2011

  • Toward effective practice: discouraging degree mills in higher education

    Degree mills are and will continue to be a significant international problem for students, employers, the public, legitimate providers of higher education and accreditation/quality assurance and national governments. The suggestions offered here are...

    Council for Higher Education Accreditation (USA)

    Washington, D.C., CHEA, 2009

  • Plagiarism policies in Slovakia: full report

    This report is part of the program “Impact of Plagiarism in Higher Education Across Europe (IPPHEAE)” funded by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme. In this report, the author starts with the background information of higher education in...

    Foltynek, Dr. Tomas


  • The Cost of corruption in higher education

    Corruption was symptomatic of business and government interactions in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union before and during the economic transition of the 1990s. Corruption is difficult to quantify, but the perception of corruption...

    Heyneman, Stephen P., Anderson, Kathryn H., Nuraliyeva, Nazym


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