Glossary of higher education corruption with explanations [in Russian]

Auteur(s) : Osipian, Ararat L.

Organisation : Munich Personal RePEc Archive

Editeur : Munich (Germany), MPRA, 2009

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37 p.

Collection : MPRA paper, 14955

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Higher education corruption is an emerging sub-field of research that has yet to develop its terminological apparatus and own specific research methodologies. The interdisciplinary nature of this sub-field predetermines its dependency on other well-established fields, such as microeconomics, organizational theory, political economy, education policy, and sociology. Accordingly, most of the terminology of higher education corruption is not unique fundamentally but derived from terminologies of social sciences. A specific professional language is required to communicate major issues in the field of study that may be formulated as higher education corruption. This Glossary presents terminology used in research and discussion of higher education corruption. It contains 155 terms and offers brief definitions and explanations of the terms. Most of the terms presented in this Glossary are not operational, i.e. they are often not very formal but useful in describing the phenomenon of corruption. They carry an explanatory function rather than function of operationalization. Operationalization is the process of strictly defining variables into measurable factors. Operationalization of higher education corruption anticipates development of a set of special terms that not only describe but put them into clearly defined measurable variables ready for quantitative analysis. This terminology does not rely on any particular conceptual approach to higher education corruption. Nor does it refer to any particular country or national educational system. Different terms apply better to different national educational systems, since the systems differ significantly and so do forms of corruption that may be found in these systems. All of the terms, presented in this Glossary, refer to corruption higher education even if not mentioned so specifically. This Glossary does not offer any references, nor does it offer further readings on the topic of corruption. Finally, this Glossary may be updated periodically, new terms may be added and descriptions of terms extended.

  • Corruption, Développement économique et social, Recherche, Higher education