ETINED : Council of Europe Platform on Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Education. Volume 6: Project on academic integrity in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey

Organisation : Council of Europe

Editeur : Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 2021

Pages :

84 p.

Academic integrity is a fundamental pillar of quality education. The Council of Europe has commissioned several projects aimed at investigating national and institutional strategies, policies and procedures related to academic integrity. These policies should be designed to deal with various forms of academic misconduct (such as plagiarism) and to promote the positive values of academic integrity.

The Project on Academic Integrity in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey (PAICKT) was based on previous research conducted in the European Union and South-East Europe and explored the overall situation regarding academic integrity in the five target countries. This report provides an analysis of the recent situation in the educational system of each of the project countries. It indicates strengths and weaknesses, identifies examples of good practice and provides recommendations for action that can be taken at both national and institutional levels.

This publication will be useful for policy makers at various levels, not limited to those in the five countries that were part of the project. It is anticipated that the examples of good practice, which are largely transferrable to other countries, will inspire other institutions and countries to take action to enhance academic integrity.

  • Codes de conduite, Gestion de l'éducation, Éthique, Intégrité, Higher education
  • Arménie, Azerbaïdjan, Géorgie, Kazakhstan, Türkiye