Corruption in the system of education in Slovak republic: special focus on corruption in Universities

Auteur(s) : Sedlakova, Lucia

Editeur : Prague, Transparency International Czech Republic, IACC Council, 2000

Pages :

3 p.

Published by the Ministry of Education and focusing on two corruption cases in universities, this paper examines corruption in the education system in Slovakia. In the first, a student paid 100,000 Slovak crowns for acceptance into a course of study. In the second, the Ministry received a letter containing the names of people who had sold entrance exams to the public. Current anti-corruption legislation does not effectively fight corruption in schools and universities. Members of the student Senate and faculty should exert their influence to initiate the following concrete reforms in the entrance exam system: the number of persons who know the content of entrance exams should be reduced; tests should be anonymous; and the applicant should know the identity of the person who corrects his/her entrance exam.

  • Fraude académique , Admission à l'école/université, Stratégies de lutte contre la corruption, Cadre juridique, Corruption, Gestion de l'éducation, Administration centrale, Examens et diplômes, Elèves/étudiants , Personnel universitaire , Higher education
  • Europe