Anti-corruption initiatives of UNDP

Auteur(s) : United Nations Development Programme (USA)

Organisation : United Nations Development Programme (USA)

Editeur : New York (USA), UNDP, 2000

This document provides an overview of UNDP's action in the area of anti-corruption, whose main goal is to facilitate civil society and the private sector involvement in policy development and in public sector management so as to improve transparency and accountability of economic and financial management processes. It then presents PACT's (Programme for Accountability and Transparency) most significant contributions in the fight against corruption since 1997, including: the production of information, resource and advocacy materials, the development of the UNDP corporate position paper on "Fighting Corruption to Improve Governance", the conduct of research and development and innovative initiatives, facilitating regional and global policy dialogue, facilitating national capacity-building in selected pilot countries (with the preparation of national action plans to prevent and control corruption in Mongolia, Yemen, Jordan and Burundi), and the setting up of a set of mission guidelines for undertaking assessments of a country's public financial system. The second part of the document summarises the main activities implemented by UNDP in the fight against corruption, both at regional and at country levels.

  • Redevabilité, Stratégies de lutte contre la corruption, Plans nationaux de lutte contre la corruption, Renforcement des capacités, Société civile, Secteur des entreprises, Développement économique et social, Finances, Gouvernance, Secteur public, Transparence
  • Afrique, Les États arabes, Asie et Pacifique
    Burundi, Jordanie, Mongolie, Yémen