Academic integrity guidelines

Organisation : Quality and Qualifications Ireland, QQI, National Academic Integrity Network (Ireland), NAIN

Editeur : Dublin, Quality and Qualifications Ireland, QQI, 2021

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30 p.

The Network has produced these Guidelines to support the sector to collectively define and understand academic integrity; what it means within a higher education institution; what challenges it raises; and to implement a robust approach to preventing, detecting, and sanctioning academic misconduct. Specifically, the Guidelines offer advice on: • Upholding academic integrity • Preventing academic misconduct • Detecting academic misconduct • Dealing with academic misconduct.  These Guidelines offer advice to higher education management and all staff on ways in which academic integrity can be cultivated and embedded in institutional practices. This includes raising awareness of academic integrity and encouraging behaviours and attitudes which enable a culture of trust, openness and integrity in relation to all aspects of education. Such a culture supports the active recognition and integration of academic integrity principles and practices as core elements of a provider’s institutional governance and quality assurance policies and procedures. In this way, this can help maintain confidence in both the individual qualifications awarded and in the qualifications system as a whole.

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