Shadow education in Myanmar: private supplementary tutoring and its policy implications

Autor(es) : Bray, Mark; Kobakhidze, Magda Nutsa; Kwo, Ora

Editor : Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong (China). Comparative Education Research Centre, CERC; UNESCO, 2020

Paginación :

158 p.

Serie : CERC Monograph series in comparative and international education and development, 13

The book,presents the first detailed empirical study in Myanmar of a phenomenon that is of increasing visibility and significance in high-, medium- and low-income countries across the world. Among the students sampled for this study, over 80% were receiving shadow education; and among the teachers sampled, nearly half were providers. Other tutoring was received from informal providers and through registered companies. The study exposes the significance of this phenomenon for the lives of students, the work of teachers, and the broader society. It has far-reaching implications for the educational reforms on which the Myanmar government has embarked. The study also has much of interest for international comparative analysis.

  • Corrupción, Desarrollo económico y social, Finanzas, Padres, Tutoría privada, Alumnos/estudiantes, Docentes, Private education
  • Asia y Pacífico