The Role of civil society in containing corruption at the municipal level

Autor(es) : Gole, Juliet S.

Organización : Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (Hungary)

Editor : Budapest, LGI, 1999

Paginación :

40 p.

This volume describes the results of a Regional Conference of Transparency International representatives, held in Bratislava, in April 1999. It is structured into three main parts. Firstly, the Declaration for Municipal Reform, set by the participants of the conference, is presented. Secondly, the report provides guidelines on how TI Chapters and other civil society organizations can approach the issue of fighting local-level corruption and improving municipal service delivery. The third part consists of the conference proceedings and focuses on case studies of local-level municipal service/anticorruption activities implemented in Miami, Bangalore and Budapest; the role of civil society in establishing integrity in local government; civil society-based strategies for containing corruption at the municipal level; TI National Chapter institution building; and building regional cooperation.

  • Estrategias de lucha contra la corrupción, Sociedad civil, Corrupción, Desarrollo económico y social, Gestión educacional, Decentralization, Administración local, Gobernabilidad, Integridad, Convenciones internacionales, Organizaciones no gubernamentales, Sector público, Transparencia
  • América Latina y el Caribe, Asia y Pacífico, Europa
    Hungría, India, Estados Unidos