Public sector transparency and accountability: making it happen

Editor: Paris, OECD, 2002
Paginación: 200 p.

This publication presents the papers discussed at the Latin American Forum on Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in the Public Sector that took place on 5-6 December 2001. The Forum brought together more than 450 ministers, senators, senior government officials, business leaders, representatives of international organisations, non-government organisations and the media from OECD countries, Latin America and the Carribean. The Forum approved policy recommendations that reflect the shared experience of Member countries of the OECD and the Organization of American States. The agreed policy recommendations list key principles and crucial factors in the three following key areas of good governance: 1. Ensuring impartiality in the decision-making process by a credible conflict-of-interest policy 2. Increasing transparency in the preparation and execution of the budget 3. Promoting freedom of information, consultation and participation of citizens in the formulation and implementation of public policies. In addition, country papers provide practical solutions adapted to their particular administrative environments for policy-makers and a demanding civil society.

Acceso a la información, Prensa, Rendición de cuentas, Sociedad civil, Desarrollo económico y social, Gestión educacional, Administración central, Finanzas, Presupuestos, Gobernabilidad, Organizaciones no gubernamentales, Sector público, Transparencia
Américas y Caribe, Asia y Pacífico, Europa, International
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