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  • Does corruption affect income inequality and poverty?

    Studies of the consequences of corruption have mainly focused on economic efficiency. This paper illustrates that corruption can also have distributional consequences. Corruption increases income inequality and poverty through lower economic growth...

    Gupta, Sanjeev, Davoodi, Hamid, Alonso-Terme, Rosa

    Washington D. C., IMF, 1998

  • Of academic fraud and the education crisis

    The World Wide Web has given students unprecedented access to legitimate and illegitimate education resources. Steinberg gives an oversight of the implications of it on present-day higher education. He thus describes how, in the U.S., internet-based...

    Steinberg, Iain

    Washington, The Washington Times, 2000

  • Preventing corruption in the education system: a practical guide

    This practical guide addresses those responsible for development cooperation projects aiming to promote reform in the education sector. They are intended to provide ideas and practical support, and to indicate ways of integrating corruption...

    German Agency for Technical Cooperation

    Eschborn (Germany), GTZ, 2004

  • The private tutoring phenomenon: international patterns and perspectives

    This cross-national study is the first of its kind in the former socialist countries. The book examines the complexity of the private tutoring phenomenon and analyzes its consequences for the mainstream education system and for the overall social...

    Silova, Iveta , Bray, Mark et al.

    Open Society Institute, 2006

  • Fourniture efficace de services dans le domaine de l'enseignement public

    La République démocratique du Congo (RDC) se trouve confrontée à d’immenses défis pour fournir des services dans le domaine de l’enseignement à tous les enfants en âge d’être scolarisés dans le pays, sans parler de veiller à donner aux adultes qui n...

    Mokonzi, Gratien, Kadongo, Mwinda

    Johannesbourg, Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, 2009

  • Toward effective practice: discouraging degree mills in higher education

    Degree mills are and will continue to be a significant international problem for students, employers, the public, legitimate providers of higher education and accreditation/quality assurance and national governments. The suggestions offered here are...

    Council for Higher Education Accreditation (USA)

    Washington, D.C., CHEA, 2009

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