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  • The Fiscal cost of weak governance: evidence from teacher absence in India

    The relative return to input-augmentation versus inefficiency-reduction strategies for improving education system performance is a key open question for education policy in low-income countries. Using a new nationally-representative panel dataset of...

    Muralidharan, Karthik, Das, Jishnu, Holla, Alaka, Mohpal, Aakash

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 2016

  • Cultural influence on attitudes to plagiarism

    This paper discusses the issue of plagiarism in higher education. In particular, the cultural influences that contribute to student attitudes and abilities to avoid plagiarism were examined through a case study involving a number of postgraduate...

    Stappenbelt, Brad, Rowles, Chris, May, Eric


  • The Academic Integrity Rating System (AIRS): an introduction

    The Academic Integrity Rating System (AIRS) is modeled after the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). The purpose of AIRS is to: - identify...

    International Center for Academic Integrity


  • Exemplary Academic Integrity Project, Academic Integrity Toolkit

    The purpose of the Academic Integrity Policy Toolkit is to guide Australian higher education providers in: - the development of their Academic Integrity policy; or - in reviewing or auditing their existing Academic Integrity policy against exemplary...

    Bretag, Tracey, Mahmud, Saadia


  • Plagiarism: a good practice guide

    In many ways the Good practice guide, which was commissioned by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in 2001, and written by Jude Carroll and Jon Appleton from Oxford Brookes University is still viewed as a blueprint for institutional...

    Carroll, Jude, Appleton, Jon


  • Handling student plagiarism: moving to mainstream

    Oxford Brookes was the first institution in the UK to develop and implement a system of specialist officers to deal with students who did not comply with University regulations concerning academic conduct. The role of Academic Conduct Officers or...

    Carroll, Jude


  • Dimensions of quality

    The report focusses on the quality of undergraduate education, and analyes the various dimensions of education quality to ascertain increases in resources to the universities in the UK based on the indicators of educational quality. It adapts Bigg's...

    Gibbs, Graham

    Heslington (UK), HEA, 2010

  • Addressing plagiarism

    The issue of plagiarism has become a hot topic in higher education in recent years. There is much generic advice available about deterring and dealing with plagiarism. There are also many studies relevant to international students. Dealing with...

    Higher Education Academy (UK)

    Heslington (UK), HEA, 2014

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