Corruption: causes, consequences and cures

Autor(es) : Myint, U.

Organización : UNESCO

Editor : 2016

Paginación :

p. 33-58

Serie : Asia-Pacific Development Journal, 7, 2

The paper stresses the need to keep the issue of corruption squarely in view of the development agenda. It discusses the causes and consequences of corruption, especially in the context of a least-developed country with considerable regulation and central division. Lack of transparency and consistency, as well as institutional weaknesses, such as in the legislative and judicial systems, provide fertile ground for growth rent seeking activities in such a country. In addition to the rise of an underground economy and the high social costs associated with corruption, its adverse consequences on income distribution, consumption patterns, investment, the government budget and on economic reforms are highlighted in the paper. The paper also touches upon the supply side of bribery and its international dimensions and presents some thoughts on how to address the corruption issue and to try and bring it under control.

  • Estrategias de lucha contra la corrupción, Sistema judicial, Marco jurídico, Corrupción, Sobornos, Desarrollo económico y social, Gestión educacional, Finanzas, Presupuestos, Transparencia