Tutorial schools in Thailand: perceptions and motivations of Thai high school students

Author(s) : Jones, William J.; Rhein, Douglas Lee

Imprint : 2017

Collation :

20 p.

Series : FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, Vol.4, Issue 2

The article explores the motivation of Thai secondary school students who chose to enroll in private tutorial institutes. The research draws on primary qualitative data compiled from structured interviews utilizing acomparative perspective to provide insight into perceptions of tutorial versus formal secondary education.The evidence presented here suggests that Thai secondary students have two clear motivations for consumingand engaging in private tutorial education: (1) the belief that tutorial classes will provide them with bettereducational performance as measured by their grade point average and performance on standardized tests,and (2) a service-driven motivation where tutorial educators provide student-centered learning and personalized education.

  • Private tutoring, Students, Student behaviour, Secondary education
  • Asia and the Pacific