Towards a blockchain-based certificate authentication system in Vietnam

Author(s) : Nguyen, Binh Minh; Dao, , Thanh-Chung; Do, Ba-Lam

Imprint : 2020

Collation :

27 p.

Series : PeerJ Computer Science, 6:e266

Anti-forgery information, transaction verification, and smart contract are functionalities of blockchain technology that can change the traditional business processes of IT applications. These functionalities increase the data transparency, and trust of users in the new application models, thus resolving many different social problems today. In this work, we take all the advantages of this technology to build a blockchain-based authentication system (called the Vietnamese Educational Certification blockchain, which stands for VECefblock) to deal with the delimitation of fake certificate issues in Vietnam. In this direction, firstly, we categorize and analyze blockchain research and application trends to make out our contributions in this domain. Our motivating factor is to curb fake certificates in Vietnam by applying the suitability of blockchain technology to the problem domain. This study proposed some blockchain-based application development principles in order to build a step by step VECefblock with the following procedures: designing overall architecture along with business processes, data mapping structure and implementing the decentralized application that can meet the specific Vietnamese requirements. To test system functionalities, we used Hyperledger Fabric as a blockchain platform that is deployed on the Amazon EC2 cloud. Through performance evaluations, we proved the operability of VECefblock in the practical deployment environment. This experiment also shows the feasibility of our proposal, thus promoting the application of blockchain technology to deal with social problems in general as well as certificate management in Vietnam.

  • Academic fraud, Fake degrees, Anti-corruption strategies, E-governance
  • Asia and the Pacific
    Viet Nam