The Anticorruption Commitment Creator: 4 steps to generating OGP open data commitments to combat corruption

This document has been developed as part of the OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund
(MDTF) program on Advancing OGP’s Thematic Priorities, which aims to increase
the proportion of countries with new potentially transformative commitments.
Specifically, the consortium created between Global Integrity, Open Data Charter,
ILDA (Iniciativa Latinoamericana de Datos Abiertos), AODN (African Open Data
Network), and OD4D (Open Data for Development Network) has collaborated with
target countries in Latin-America and Africa to foster sustainable initiatives to

How citizens can engage in educational planning and policy

In IIEP’s recent virtual Policy Forum, Open Government in education: Learning from experience, the message was clear: there is growing momentum to both share more information and collaborate, but also to act on feedback and improve education systems. For three days (16-18 November), decision-makers and educational managers, OGP country representatives, civil society members, and researchers from 50 countries discussed how to move forward with open government as a promising model for integrity planning in education. 

Comparative country statistics on corruption in education

Cross-country statistics on corruption in education are a useful tool for policy-makers and researchers. Complementing national diagnostic tools, they provide measures of particular corrupt practices in a given country, allowing cross-country comparisons, and time-trend analysis. However, such data are scattered across databases developed by various institutions.