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  • Open government and educational quality for SDG 4: a look at Spain and Mexico

    Maria Fatima Pinho-De Oliveira

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    Libya: corruption scandal involving scholarships in Turkey



    - Africa News

    The Libyan authorities announced on Thursday that they were opening investigations following an outcry over revelations of generous scholarships to study in Turkey for relatives of senior government officials. The beneficiaries of the scholarships had surprising profiles: a 74-year-old woman receiving a grant of more than 2,700 dollars a month to study computer science in Turkey and two brothers aged 57 and 70 accompanied by 10 and 15 members of their families at public expense. The lists include "1,895 scholarship holders" to whom a total of more than 14 million euros is paid each quarter.

  • School participatory budgeting

    he innovative civil participation tools and mechanisms are needed to bring up conscious and responsible young citizens who are actively engaged in the decision-making process, are able to influence the development of their communities, whose voice is...

    Council of Europe, 2023

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    California colleges are flooded with 'ghost students' attempting to steal financial aid



    Madeline Garfinkle - Entrepreneur

    According to the State Chancellor's Office, 20% of applications for California community colleges are fraudulent. A radiation oncologist at UC Davis is one of the thousands who have had their identity stolen to create fraudulent student applications with the intention to steal federal aid, a practice that has resulted in an unprecedented influx of ghost students. City College of San Francisco reported 59 fraudulent students and has identified 29 ghost students who have received $22,418 to date.

  • Newspaper

    Mongolia embroiled in a major corruption scandal over the allocation of educational loans



    Nurbek Bekmurzaev - Global Voices

    An audit report reveals the State Educational Loan Fund has been plagued by violations and corruption since 1997 when it began granting loans to students pursuing Higher education abroad. The main finding of the investigation is that 90 percent of the loans were granted to high-level officials, their children, and those who had access to confidential information. There was no transparency or fair competition in the allocation of loans.

  • Newspaper

    Education crisis grips South Waziristan: militancy and corruption perpetuate deteriorating conditions



    - The Frontier Post

    The deteriorating situation in South Waziristan’s education system demands urgent measures. A teacher from the Servaki division revealed that funds allocated for the construction of washrooms and play areas have vanished, benefiting only the office administration and school owners. Moreover, it has become a trend for school owners to extort money from teachers, often amounting to 1000 to 12000 rupees per teacher per month. Teachers who refuse to comply with such demands are subjected to false reports filed against them, resulting in inquiries initiated by the District Education Office.

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    Breakthrough Victoria plants $600,000 in anti-plagiarism edtech Cadmus



    Simon Thomsen - Startupdaily

    Cadmus, a software platform with sophisticated learner analytics that detects the authenticity of a student’s work has been awarded $600,000 by the Breakthrough Victoria, the State Government's investment fund. Reports show a 76% decrease in academic misconduct, a 91% positive student experience and an 8.5% increase in academic performance and pass rates.

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    DepEd urged to ‘take accountability’ on laptop corruption issue



    Merlina Hernando-Malipot - Manila Bulletin

    The Department of Education (DepEd) was asked to take accountability and corruption cases that led to the alleged fire sale of laptops in retail and online stores. The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Philippines said that DepEd failed to pay its contractor in the handling and distribution of billions of pesos worth of laptops to public schools which caused the subcontractors to sell the items to surplus shops to recover their investments. ACT called for a comprehensive report on how DepEd used its funds as well as a concrete plan on how public funds can be recovered, and projects still be realized.

  • Video

    Alleged feeding scheme corruption leaves learners in KwaZulu-Natal starving

    South Africa


    Lethiwe Mdluli/DStv403 - eNCA

    Thousands of KwaZulu-Natal children have been forced to go to school on an empty stomach. This comes after the collapse of the KZN National School Nutrition Programme due to tender irregularities and corruption. The provincial Department of Education is yet to provide information regarding this issue.

  • Newspaper

    Corrupted: a study of dysfunction in universities in South Africa

    South Africa


    Nico Cloete - University World News

    The new book “Corrupted: A study of chronic dysfunction in South African universities” is an account of chronic corruption rooted in a political economy framework combined with a lack of governance and management capacity and academic integrity. These universities are all located in resource-poor areas where the university is the main source of funding and an opportunity for corruption, ranging from contracts (such as building projects) to services (such as transport), to student accommodation and the sale of fake certificates.

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