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  • Open contracting: an illustrative form of open government in education

    As part of its research project on ‘Open government (OG) in education: Learning from experience’, the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) has prepared five thematic briefs illustrating various forms of OG as applied to the...

    Poisson, Muriel

    Paris, IIEP-UNESCO, 2021

  • Newspaper

    Senior Eastern Cape education officials arrested for fraud

    South Africa

    Sihle Mlambo - IOL

    Four former senior officials from the Eastern Cape Department of Education and a company director have been arrested on corruption charges involving the purchase of textbooks for students. The senior education official bypassed the department's supply chain process by obtaining a Supplementary Resource Material (SRM) agreement that was not required. Reports allege that the official received a bribe in the form of two laptops and a mobile phone from the company that received the R59 million for the SRM material.

  • Redefining citizen-government boundaries: open government in education


    Citizen participation has become an integral part of national and international anti-corruption programmes.

  • Newspaper

    Education sector records 80 percent of corruption in Oyo State


    Wale Akinselure - Nigerian Tribune

    The cases of corruption in the education sector in Oyo State are ranging from reports of school administrators collecting money, students sitting mock exams, officials asking for grants from principals before distributing the school materials the government purchased for students to receiving money from teachers to deploy them to preferred areas. The governor announced that dismissal and prosecution awaited anyone who sabotaged government efforts through corrupt practices.

  • New online course on transparency and anti-corruption


    IIEP will organize a new online course on “Transparency, accountability and anti-corruption measures in education” from 21 September to 6 November 2020.

  • Newspaper

    Education activists make submission to Zondo Commission

    South Africa

    Jay-Dee Cyster - Politics web

    A number of senior officials in the Eastern Cape have been accused of corruption in relation to an R1 billion-school nutrition programme in the province; another case involves irregularities in relation to school infrastructure provisioning or allegations of corruption in the awarding of a contract to EduSolutions by the Limpopo Department of Education. The contract for the procurement of textbooks for schools in the province was canceled in 2012 after millions had been paid to EduSolutions.

  • Newspaper

    Bribery rife in schools


    Joseph Malawi - The Nation

    The African Union report shows that at least 57 percent of people who make contact with schools in Malawi pay bribes. Informal payments threaten children’s rights and welfare. For example, informal charges by teachers for teaching, and for additional items such as school meals, books, uniforms or exams can drive poorer students in particular to miss school. In addition, the acquisition of fake or fraudulent qualifications affect the learning outcomes of children.

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