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  • Corruption in higher education: global challenges and responses

    The lack of academic integrity combined with the prevalence of fraud and other forms of unethical behavior are problems that higher education faces in both developing and developed countries, at mass and elite universities, and at public and private...

    Denisova-Schmidt, Elena

    Brill, Sense, 2020

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    Foreign students blamed for steep rise in student fraud


    Jan Petter Myklebust - University World News

    There has been a tenfold increase in the number of students using a false alternative address while living at home to claim for a higher rate of living costs, according to figures released by the ministry of higher education and science, and more than three-quarters of those caught cheating were international students. In 2015 only six students were identified as having cheated with regard to the address provided; and for the first 10 months of 2017 the number was 66. Of these, 50 were either immigrants or children of immigrants, while 16 were Danish citizens, the ministry indicated.

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    Oman bans four Malaysian universities over alleged 'academic, administrative abuse'

    Malaysia, Oman

    Beatrice Nita Jay - New Straits Times

    The Higher Education Ministry of Oman has banned four Malaysian universities due to alleged academic and administrative abuses by the varsities. In total, there are 378 Omani students enrolled in the four universities. The Times of Oman, in its report, stated that the Committee for the Recognition of Non-Omani Higher Education Institutions and the Equivalence of Educational Qualifications in the Oman Higher Education Ministry had issued a decision to stop dealing with these universities. It said Omani students were not allowed to attend the educational institutions following the decision. Representatives from one of the universities claim that the Ministry’s action is ‘unwarranted’.

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    Zimbabwe students jailed in Turkey for drug trafficking

    Zimbabwe, Cyprus

    - Zimeye

    The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs last week interviewed three agencies that recruit and offer scholarships to local students to study abroad. The meeting came in the wake of revelations that a number of Zimbabwean locals have been falling prey to dubious agencies based in Harare who offer fake university scholarships to study in Cyprus with most students ending up stranded in the island country. Many of these students end up being forced into crime and prostitution in order to survive and pay for their tuition. The Zimbabwean Government is currently seeking the release and extradition of three Zimbabwean students who are held in prison in Cyprus for drug trafficking.

  • Expert meeting on quality assurance, accreditation and academic corruption


    The Council for Higher Education Accreditation/International Quality Group (CHEA/CIQG) and the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) hosted a two-day expert meeting to address quality assurance, accreditation and the role they play in combatting academic corruption.

  • Beyond honour codes: bringing students into the academic integrity equation

    Honour codes represent a successful and unique, student-led, 'bottomup' approach to the promotion of academic integrity (AI). With increased flexibility, globalisation and distance or blended education options, most institutions operate in very...

    Richards, Deborah; Saddiqui, Sonia; McGuigan, Nicholas; Homewood, Judi


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    Internationalization has corrupted higher education

    Roger Y Jr Chao - University World News

    Since the end of the Cold War, a dramatic increase in global education has led to increased commercialization, as well as an increase in corruption. Corruption in higher education should not only be seen in terms of misuse of research funds, presentation and construction of fraudulent data, or inequitable admissions practices.

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