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  • Mapping corruption risks in the Guinean education sector


    A new IIEP report presents the main findings of a corruption risk mapping exercise in the Guinean education sector, carried out by the IIEP at the request of the National Anti-Corruption Agency (ANLC) of the Republic of Guinea.

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    Fraud of quota system


    Edwin Azuka - The Nation

    Despite the growth of academic institutions in Nigeria, the Federal and State Governments have failed to meet the increasing demand for university and polytechnic education, resulting in the adoption of a quota system. This practice, structured on favouritism towards indigenes of a particular state over others, has led many denied admission seekers to commit fraud. Meanwhile, federal institutions in some areas are under-enrolled and others over-crowded, resulting in misuse and over-use of resources.

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    TAFE: NSW Skills Minister slams federal government on education policy


    Eryk Bagshaw - Sydney morning Herald

    A NSW government minister has launched a blistering attack on the federal government's administration of the scandal-ridden private vocational education sector. The sector has been plagued by allegations of dodgy private providers recruiting tens of thousands of students through free laptops and targeting illiterate, disabled students to sign them up to tens of thousands of dollars worth of taxpayer-funded student debt through the federal government's HECS-style VET-FEE help program.

  • Zambia education PER and PETS-QSDS at a glance

    Public Expenditure Review (PER) in Zambia addresses the efficiency and equity of the macro level policy framework, budget allocations, and budget execution for primary education, secondary education, technical education, higher education and...

    World Bank

    Washington, World Bank, 2015

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    Vocational students face exploitation in sweatshops


    Yojana Sharma - University World News

    Overseas non-governmental organizations have been raising the alarm over worker exploitation in factories in China that produce the Apple iPad and other consumer electronic products. A new report by a Hong Kong-based labour organization has found that many of the exploited are students working as interns as a compulsory part of vocational courses.

  • The Code of conduct for teachers and other education personnel in Sierra Leone

    The Code of Conduct sets out standards of professional behavior for teachers and other education personnel in their relationships with learners, their colleagues, parents and the general public Sierra Leone.

    Sierra Leone. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

    Freetown, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, 2009

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    The Centre from Which the Doorman Certificates Were Falsified Reported the Fraud to the Catalan Government


    Nando García - El Mundo

    The AITES Academy, which provides vocational training and saw hundreds of its nightclub doorman's certificates falsified, took its case to the Direcció General de Jocs i Espectacles de la Generalitat some six months ago to inform that the seal of the centre was being used to issue certificates whereas the corresponding training was not done. Police are continuing to investigate the matter and at least 400 fraudulent authorizations have been uncovered.

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