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    Pakistan’s education enigma



    Ahmed Sultan - Daily Times

    The quality of education in Pakistan is extremely poor by world standards. Children study the same books as their parents did, or probably their grandparents. In Sindh, students who don't sit exams end up passing them. In Lahore, at the main examination centres located next to the board office, bribing and cheating are common practices. Professors are absent from classes and concentrate on maintaining their relations with influential individuals. Examination staff close the examination rooms to those who refuse to abide by the routine.

  • Redefining citizen-government boundaries: open government in education


    Citizen participation has become an integral part of national and international anti-corruption programmes.

  • Shadow education in Myanmar: private supplementary tutoring and its policy implications

    The book,presents the first detailed empirical study in Myanmar of a phenomenon that is of increasing visibility and significance in high-, medium- and low-income countries across the world. Among the students sampled for this study, over 80% were...

    Bray, Mark, Kobakhidze, Magda Nutsa, Kwo, Ora

    Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong (China). Comparative Education Research Centre, CERC; UNESCO, 2020

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    Former staff members at Queensland private school charged over alleged fraud



    - Education HQ

    A major police investigation has been underway since August 2018 after serious concerns about the school’s finances and allegations of nepotism were referred by the Department of Education. According to the Financial and Cyber Crime Group, they misused $4.6 million from a private school south of Brisbane to buy expensive art and finance luxury trips to Europe and Asia.

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    80% of tutoring courses are under the table



    Quentin Périnel - Le Figaro

    Meet in Class is a start-up that wants to simplify tutoring: four students share the price for a tutoring course. According to its founder, in France, tutoring represents a market of 2.5 billion euros of recognized courses, but 80% of the courses are paid under the table. The prices of courses offered through a "classic" agency cost between 40 and 50 euros per hour, a price considered too expensive for parents

  • Promoting integrity in the Kuwait education system through the development of teacher codes of conduct


    In February this year, Muriel Poisson, IIEP programme Specialist in charge of the Institute’s project on ‘Ethics and Corruption in Education, travelled to Kuwait City to facilitate a capacity-building workshop entitled “Promoting integrity in the education system: Focus on teacher codes of conduct”.

  • IIEP participates in the Annual International Conference for Integrity (CAII) held in Peru


    At the invitation of the Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic of Peru, IIEP participated in the 2018 Annual International Conference for Integrity (CAII) held in Lima, Peru, from 6 to 7 December 2018. This annual event seeks to "create a space for discussion about different government oversight mechanisms and their latest developments around the world”.

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