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  • Newspaper

    Ex-owner of university fined for bogus admissions tactics


    The San Diego Union-Tribune - University World News

    San Diego Ashford University, and its parent company, Zovio, have been fined US$22.37 million for fraudulent admissions tactics that left some students in serious debt and without degrees. According to San Diego Superior Court judge, the college has made bogus claims about career outcomes, costs and financial aid to lure vulnerable students to enrol in the online university programmes.

  • Newspaper

    Graduates demand compensation for unaccredited degree

    Kenya - University World News

    Three graduates from Kenya’s Egerton University cannot offer their services professionally as their Bachelor of Science degree hasn’t been accredited since their graduation in 2019. They are demanding KES2.2 million (US$19,000) and presented their case to the National Assembly's Education Committee, demanding that the university would offer them eight remedial courses to enable them to upgrade their degree.

  • Newspaper

    University deregisters thousands of inactive students


    Wachira Kigotho - University World News

    To avoid leakage of funds, the University of Nairobi has introduced a comprehensive lecturers’ management system that will ensure that only active students will sit for examinations and have their marks recorded. More than 30,000 inactive students who had overstayed the period required to complete a programme degree have been deregistered.

  • Newspaper

    What is teacher recruitment scam in West Bengal?


    Atri Mitra - The Indian Express

    A series of petitions have been filed in the Calcutta High Court alleging anomalies in the recruitment of employees of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Many candidates with lower scores were placed at the top of the merit list. More than 500 people were appointed after the School Service Commission panel expired, and they were now drawing salaries from the state government.

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