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    Plagiarism, theft, misappropriation of theses


    Alice Raybaud - Le Monde

    When a doctoral student denounced the theft of her work, she was told that it was part of the game. One in five PhD students in the academic world is facing this practice. According to an online survey conducted among 1,800 PhD students and young doctors, 21% of respondents said they had seen someone else take credit for their work. Concerned about the impact on their future careers, many PhD students choose to remain silent on such abuse.

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    Universities commit to ending ‘unethical’ NDAs


    Sky News - University World News

    Six vice-chancellors from Cambridge, Exeter and UCL have signed up to a pledge which commits universities to stop using legally binding non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) against students and staff who report sexual harassment. The Higher Education Minister stated that universities should end the use of NDAs which “buy victims’ silence” in sexual misconduct cases.

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    University regulator to crack down on ‘poor quality’ courses


    The Guardian - University World News

    The Office for Students (OfS) has published a circular detailing minimum acceptable student outcomes which set thresholds for drop-out rates, course completion and graduate employment that universities and colleges will need to meet to avoid further investigation. According to Ofs, over 60,000 students on full-time undergraduate courses are currently enrolled at institutions in England that could be sanctioned for low quality and poor value for money.

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    Retired prof lands court blow to academic database giant


    Yojana Sharma - University World News

    The comprehensive database of academic journals, newspapers, and research papers, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), has lost a legal battle over copyright infringement after a retired professor of economic history accused it of uploading more than 160 of his articles without permission or payment. Beijing Intellectual Property Court has forced the academic platform to remove his papers, pay him more than CNY700,000 (US$110,000) in compensation.

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    Outcry as PhDs from US-based institutions are withdrawn

    Rwanda, USA

    Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti - University World News

    Following the arrest of a lecturer at the University of Kigali over allegedly forging academic documents, Rwanda’s Higher Education Council (HEC) decided to withdraw recognition for PhD degrees obtained from the United States Atlantic International University. The university has an accreditation from a UK based independent international educational agency, however, dismissed by HEC, because it is not a government agency in charge of accreditation in the UK or elsewhere.

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    Scandals spark debate on reform of private universities


    Suvendrini Kakuchi - University World News

    Reforms are needed to increase transparency in the management of private universities that absorb 80% of university students in the country. The Ministry of Education reform proposal, which is awaiting deliberation, would enhance the powers of the board of trustees responsible for key university management decisions and which, under the government's proposals, will be composed only of outsiders. This is a major change from the current role of the board, which is facilitating cover-ups of malpractice.

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    Call for crackdown on cheating services for students


    The Sydney Morning Herald - University World News

    Online academic cheating services that offer to do assignments for less than AU$100 are targeting international students in Australia doing vocational courses at private colleges, including those that don’t require class attendance. According to the law introduced in September 2020, providers found to be selling or advertising contract cheating services can face up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $110,000. Higher education providers are urging the federal government to extend this legislation to the Vocational Education and Training sector.

  • Newspaper

    Concern over Nigerian students who get fake degrees in Benin

    Nigeria, Benin

    Samuel Okocha - University World News

    Nigeria’s National Universities Commission (NUC) had discovered fake institutions in Benin awarding PhD degrees after students completed bogus studies in less than one year. According to NUC, academic projects and theses were sold for about NGN3,000 (about US$7.32) per copy, and sexual harassment was prevalent. Many of these fraudulent institutions are run by Nigerian proprietors who target students from Nigeria, where public universities struggle to accommodate a high number of qualified students seeking admission.

  • Newspaper

    Textbooks’ embezzlement


    - Dawn

    An official of the Basic Education Community Schools from South Punjab was caught selling around 3,500 textbooks. He also blackmailed teachers in Pakpattan and Okara into paying him between Rs1,000-Rs1,500 for the delivery of books to the education warehouse. Reports state teachers complained several times to relevant education authorities but received no response.

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