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  • Newspaper

    UJ is SA's first university to use blockchain to safeguard certificates against fraud

    South Africa

    University of Johannesburg - Bussiness Day

    The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is the first South African tertiary institution to use blockchain technology as an additional security measure to protect its certificates against alteration or falsification. The Director of Central Academic Administration calls on all tertiary institutions to collectively improve the integrity of their qualifications and enable companies to verify their qualifications easily and at no cost, which will help to prevent certificate fraud and curb counterfeiting.

  • Newspaper

    Zero corruption campaign warns against systemic corruption in schools

    Sierra Leone

    Ibrahim Hashim - Sierraloaded

    Zero Corruption Campaign (ZCC), a civil society organisation that focuses on promoting integrity, accountability, and transparency in the services of public sector institutions, has warned the country’s school authorities to stop collecting money as additional fees for students pursuing their education in 2022/2023. The ZCC said such practices were tantamount to corruption and a deliberate attempt to undermine quality free school education.

  • Conference on promoting academic integrity: IIEP shares practical policies and tools


    IIEP contributed to a conference organized by the Council of Europe and Erasmus University in Rotterdam, sharing its insights on how values of academic integrity can be translated into practice.

  • Newspaper

    Academic integrity and student conduct violations drop, approaching pre-pandemic levels


    Radwan Azim - The Daily Pennsylvanian

    Penn's Center for Community Standards and Accountability released its annual disciplinary report, which indicates that academic integrity and student conduct violation cases have gotten closer to pre-pandemic levels. While there was a decrease in total conduct and academic violations from the 2020-2021 academic year, the data remained relatively consistent with years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Newspaper

    Nearly half of respondents in study admit to plagiarism


    Wagdy Sawahel - University World News

    A recent study made some alarming findings on the extent of plagiarism and other forms of unethical academic behaviour at Moroccan tertiary education institutions. About half of the respondents admitted to having plagiarised text; however, the study confirms that plagiarism is not always intentional, particularly among scholars whose native language is not English. One way to reduce plagiarism is to provide training on research integrity as well as on business ethics.

  • Newspaper

    Universities must stop cheating students, and it starts with investing in them


    Rebecca Awdry - The Guardian

    Researchers globally have reported that since the pandemic, there is growing concern about cheating and the risk it poses to the integrity of higher education. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency recently used its powers to block academic cheating websites for the first time. The Agency blocked 40 websites that were visited about 450,000 times a month.

  • Newspaper

    Global network set up to stamp out contract cheating in higher education


    John Walshe - University World News

    Education agencies across the globe are joining forces to fight the rise of commercial cheating services that target students worldwide. The newly formed Global Academic Integrity Network (GAIN) will share experiences and resources to help jurisdictions develop legislation, regulatory approaches and frameworks that penalise facilitating and advertising of cheating services. It was founded by Quality and Qualifications Ireland and Australia’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency and launched in Dublin last October.

  • Newspaper

    Student 'anti-cheating' exam hats go viral


    James FitzGerald - BBC news

    Images of students wearing so-called "anti-cheating hats" during college exams have gone viral on social media in the Philippines. To ensure integrity and honesty in a fun way during exams, a professor at Bicol University College of Engineering asked the students to innovate headwear that would block their ability to see their peers' answer papers. The idea had been effective, and it was implemented for recent mid-term exams sat by hundreds of students at the College in October.

  • Scientific integrity referents: the example of Inserm in France

    Ghislaine Filliatreau


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