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    Half of researchers admit questionable practices in Dutch survey



    Nic Mitchell - University World News

    In a national survey on research integrity by Dutch academics, 40,000 researchers, from PhD students to full professors, admitted to committing at least one of the 11 questionable research practices. One in 12 researchers is estimated to have fabricated or falsified research results in the last three years. According to a postdoctoral researcher and lead investigator of the survey, findings are already being discussed with policymakers in universities and medical centres in the Netherlands.

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    First continental research integrity network launched



    Maina Waruru - University World News

    A recent study in Kenya found that 68% of respondents had engaged in some form of misconduct, while 36% admitted that they had engaged in the more serious breaches of fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism. To promote ethical research practices, transparency, equity, accountability and rigour across the continent, the African Research Integrity Network (ARIN) has been launched. It will be registered in different countries where nodes will be established.

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    Intelligence sharing: updated cheating website database




    TEQSA’s Higher Education Integrity Unit has updated a database of 2,333 suspected commercial academic cheating service websites, including 579 sites specifically targeting students at Australian Higher Education institutions. This intelligence sharing will enable providers to block access to these websites from their institutional networks and is part of TEQSA’s ongoing partnership with the Higher Education sector to strengthen cultures of academic integrity.

  • Building a culture of integrity in Montenegro’s higher education system


    At the invitation of the Council of Europe (CoE), IIEP organized a training workshop for members of the National Ethics Committee of Montenegro and several representatives of public and private national Higher Education institutions. The workshop, which was held at the Abbaye de Royaumont (France) from 12 to 14 September 2022, was followed by a study visit and a series of capacity-building activities carried out by the Institute in the framework of the its partnership with CoE .

  • Enhancing academic integrity through a community of practice

    Anné Hendrik Verhoef


  • Newspaper

    PTPTN launches Organisational Anti-Corruption Plan 2022-2024



    - The Sun Daily

    The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) launched the Organisational Anti-Corruption Plan 2022-2024 to support efforts to strengthen governance, integrity, and anti-corruption measures. As an agency under the Higher Education Ministry, PTPTN is committed to supporting the government’s plans to create an environment free from corruption and abuse of power that can jeopardise the organisation’s image.

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    Experts develop educational programmes on the fight against corruption

    Côte d'Ivoire


    Elvis Gouza -

    Several pedagogical experts took part in a workshop in June 2022 to develop educational programmes on the fight against corruption and good governance organised by the High Authority for Good Governance. The project aims to instil integrity, transparency, and accountability in learners from preschool to higher education, including secondary schools and training schools for public officials.

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