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    Parents, universities are cheats: admissions registrar


    News Agency of Nigeria - University World News

    Examination fraud remains the main challenge for the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), especially amongst parents who constantly ask for their children to receive favorable treatment, regardless of whether they meet requirements. JAMB is also fighting corruption in higher education institutions that admit students outside of the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.

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    French baccalaureate in Algeria: prison for cheaters and internet cut off


    - France Info

    According to a press release from the Ministry of Justice, 84 individuals have been charged with fraud in the baccalaureate, 40 of whom have been placed under a detention order and 13 under judicial supervision. They are accused of disseminating exam subjects and examples of their marking and correction through social networks.

  • Getting to the root of corruption in education

    Adam Graycar


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    Government suspends fraudulent Kwekwe High School teacher


    Michael Magoronga - Chronicle

    Two Kwekwe High School teachers have been suspended after they allegedly asked parents for money to secure Form One places for their children. The matter only became public on the school's opening day, when the school authorities discovered that there was an extra class of 30 students, prompting the headmaster to launch an investigation.

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    How rogue officials inflated enrolment


    David Muchunguh - All Africa

    A recent report from Public Accounts Committee reveals the theft of billions of taxpayers' money pocketed by corrupt officials and school heads. The Mundeku Secondary School is one of the 4 ghost schools in the Ministry records with 1,188 students used by an official to steal Sh27,329,598.95 from public funds. The report found another officer inflating enrolment data for 185 schools, resulting in the overpayment of Sh269, 254,288. The cases have been submitted to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for investigation.

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    6 Alabama school officials charged with fraud


    Trisha Powell Crain - Alabama

    School officials in the city of Athens and Limestone County have conspired to obtain more public funding by claiming to enrol full-time private students in the system's virtual schools. The two school districts were improperly paid around $7 million in state education funding for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. By November 2017, more than 500 private school students were fraudulently enrolled in Athens Renaissance schools and over 50 students in Conecuh County.

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    Growth in fraudulent university test centres spreads North


    - University World News

    According to a professor from Nigeria’s Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), over 400 candidates seeking admission into higher education institutions across the country have been involved in admissions fraud. JAMB has discovered up to 96 cases of computer-based test irregularities in the North, with universities making changes to photographs and biometrics of candidates. This is contrary to a call by the Minister of Education who said institutions should not take any new photographs or biometrics of candidates after registration, in order to stop impersonations.

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