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  • IIEP Policy Forum on open government to accelerate accountability in education


    Open government initiatives have proliferated in recent years, offering new ways to make decision-making more transparent and inclusive within society at large. IIEP-UNESCO’s upcoming Policy Forum on open government in education will provide an important platform for discussion on how to design and implement open government initiatives that can help ensure equitable and quality inclusive education for all.

  • How citizens can engage in educational planning and policy


    "Education is perhaps the place where citizens and government have some of their closest interactions. This is the place where good governance comes alive and where trust is built or lost". -Paul Maassen, Chief, Country Support, Open Government Partnership (OGP), keynote speaker for IIEP’s Policy Forum

  • Open government in education: school management committees in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Basic page

    This study demonstrates the coexistence of a liberal approach, by opening up school governance to the community and a more regulated approach enabling a balance between the players. It highlights difficulties in coordinating school management committees (SMCs) with parents' associations, the lack of expertise of their members, the absence of representation of the most disadvantaged and a lack of accountability of the SMCs themselves.

  • Newspaper

    Education Ministry launches learner tracking system



    Godfrey Lugaaju - All Africa

    To prevent the forging of information, a new digital platform will allow learners from primary to university levels to have an identification number. Schools will update data about their learners, teaching and non-teaching staff, infrastructure and facilities including physical education and sports through their online EMIS user accounts. The new system is aimed to eliminate ghost workers and improve transparency and accountability across the country.

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    Study finds corruption everywhere



    Tanzil Rahaman - New Age

    A study by Transparency International Bangladesh found secondary-level education activities, including recruitment of teachers and inclusion in the monthly pay order, plagued with widespread corruption and irregularities. To be appointed as assistant headmaster or headmaster, one needs to pay Tk 5,000 - 1 lakh bribe or Tk 3.5-15 lakh to be included in the monthly pay order. The study also found a lack of accountability in different administrative works of education officials who did not attend office in time and regularly.

  • Gobierno abierto y educación en América Latina y el Caribe

    El Gobierno Abierto procura mejorar la provisión de servicios públicos con transparencia, rendición de cuentas y participación. Se analizan los Compromisos de Gobierno Abierto en educación en América Latina y el Caribe buscando establecer si atienden...

    Hevia, Felipe J.


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    A model of public accountability for African universities

    Rwanda, Ghana


    Eric Fredua-Kwarteng - University World News

    The University of Energy and Natural Resources in Ghana and the University of Rwanda have been the only African public universities providing reports including information such as the university structure, number and qualifications of academic and support staff, total enrolment, and the number of graduates. These reports are a model for universities to adopt and a means of promoting transparency, integrity, and accountability amongst faculty members, staff, students, and communities.

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