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  • Gobierno abierto y educación en América Latina y el Caribe

    El Gobierno Abierto procura mejorar la provisión de servicios públicos con transparencia, rendición de cuentas y participación. Se analizan los Compromisos de Gobierno Abierto en educación en América Latina y el Caribe buscando establecer si atienden...

    Hevia, Felipe J.


  • Newspaper

    California man gets prison for massive charter school scam


    Associated Press - US News

    The co-owner of an online charter school network in California was accused of stealing tens of millions of dollars intended for primary education. He used a variety of schemes to inflate school enrollment to obtain state education funds, including getting small school districts to allow online charter schools, paying sports leagues, camps, and other youth programs to collect student information, distorting school calendars and moving children between online campuses to obtain maximum funding.

  • Newspaper

    Probe reveals fraud at Baltimore school


    Liz Bowie - The Washington Post

    An investigation at Baltimore city school found that administrators schemed to inflate enrollment, pressured teachers to change grades and scheduled students into classes that didn’t exist. Over a three-year period, about 100 students remained on the rolls but didn’t attend the school. The school operated evening and summer courses designed to allow students to make up credits, but the courses didn’t meet standards. In some cases, unqualified teachers were assigned to teach the classes, and in other cases, staff members were named as teachers of record for a class they never taught.

  • Newspaper

    Over 65,000 fake students seek aid in community college scam


    Los Angeles Times - University World News

    California community college officials uncovered the state’s biggest financial aid scam attempts: over 60,000 aid applications compared to 2019, from students older than 30 earning less than US$40,000 annually and seeking a two-year degree rather than a vocational certificate. Faculty were also beginning to question whether many of their ‘students’ were actually fake bot accounts. California community colleges have received more than $1.6 billion in emergency COVID-19 relief for low-income students.

  • Open Contracting: the school meals programme in Bogotá, Colombia

    This case study presents the open contracting initiative carried out by the Secretariat of Education of the Municipality of Bogota, as part of the School Feeding Program. It examines how all documents of the procurement process required for the...

    Duque Botero, Juan David

    Bogota, Duque Botero Consultores, 2021

  • Newspaper

    Academic cheating skyrockets during pandemic: UCalgary researcher


    Jason Herring - Calgary Herald

    According to an associate professor at the University of Calgary, the rate of academic misconduct during the pandemic rose from 38% to over 200%. Students who use the services of companies to write essays or complete assignments for them are often extorted. Companies continue to charge their credit cards, threatening to report them to their schools if they try to seek help.

  • Newspaper

    University president resigns after plagiarizing part of speech


    CNN - University World News

    The University of South Carolina has accepted the resignation of its president after he admitted plagiarizing part of a speech by the former head of the US Special Operations Command during a weekend commencement speech. In his letter, the president took full responsibility for the oversight of citing the text transcribed in the speech.

  • Newspaper

    Cheating investigation embroils Geisel in controversy


    Elisabeth Janowski - The Dartmouth

    17 medical students at the Geisel School of Medicine were accused of cheating during online exams. The school found evidence of the students who logged into the online course platform Canvas, giving them access to the answers. After an investigation, seven of the cases were dismissed, while the other ten students were expelled, suspended, or giving a failing grade for the course. Some also received unprofessional conduct marks on their records.

  • Newspaper

    University re-administers nursing exam after 'widespread cheating' found


    Chris Nakamoto - WBRZ

    Due to a glitch in the online testing program, 31 students out of a class of 137 were involved in a cheating incident at Southern University's School of Nursing. The students used their cell phones and notified other students through a group text message that the cameras were off so that they could cheat. With the exam being compromised, the faculty administered a different exam that covered the same content.

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