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    Prince Edward Island professor develops a method to deter students from cheating during remote tests


    Zeenya Shah - National Post

    To help combat cheating and plagiarism during the pandemic and to encourage studying and preparedness a University of Prince Edward Island professor developed the testing method called TSINC. This method stands for time-pressed, sequential, individualized, not searchable, and calibrated. Each student receives a unique exam of 50 question orders, with 30 minutes to answer which they are not allowed to go back to.

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    Do donors have too much influence over universities?


    Nathan M Greenfield - University World News

    The position of Director of the International Human Rights Programme at the University of Toronto was offered to an "academically unworthy" individual after US$8 million was donated to the university's medical schools. A US banking company, which reportedly made large donations through its foundation to at least 60 universities, demanded to teach a course from a particular political perspective. As a result, colleges and universities in North America are developing written policies to prevent undue influence from donors.

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    Berkeley study: major university rankings may be biased

    Brendan O’Malley - University World News

    A study from the University of California reveals rankings may be distorted by the business activities of the ranker, including selling consulting, analytics and other services to universities. Findings show that Russian universities using services provided by QS, a major ranking company, have increased their positions in the QS World University Rankings regardless of improvements in the quality of their institutions.

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    University re-administers nursing exam after 'widespread cheating' found


    Chris Nakamoto - WBRZ

    Due to a glitch in the online testing program, 31 students out of a class of 137 were involved in a cheating incident at Southern University's School of Nursing. The students used their cell phones and notified other students through a group text message that the cameras were off so that they could cheat. With the exam being compromised, the faculty administered a different exam that covered the same content.

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    Private university academics dismissed for plagiarism

    Viet Nam

    VN Express - University World News

    Two Ho Chi Min City university academics have lost their positions after they were found plagiarising content from an international peer-reviewed journal. They confessed that for one of their published articles, they had translated 80% of the original article without getting the author’s permission or citing his work as the source.

  • Newspaper

    Misappropriation at 10 universities uncovered

    Korea R

    Korean Broadcasting System - University World News

    The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission’s investigation reveals that 10 national universities in South Korea allegedly misappropriated KRW9.4 billion of students’ tuition fees. The funds were intended to cover student guidance programmes and safety activities carried out by professors and staff during lunch hours, after work or on weekends. Employees at one of the national universities overstated the number of such activities by changing locations and clothes earning KRW1.2 billion.

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    Cheating investigation embroils Geisel in controversy


    Elisabeth Janowski - The Dartmouth

    17 medical students at the Geisel School of Medicine were accused of cheating during online exams. The school found evidence of the students who logged into the online course platform Canvas, giving them access to the answers. After an investigation, seven of the cases were dismissed, while the other ten students were expelled, suspended, or giving a failing grade for the course. Some also received unprofessional conduct marks on their records.

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    Minister stripped of PhD title acquired through ‘deceit’


    Michael Gardener - University World News

    The thesis of the former German minister for family affairs was found to contain nearly 70 passages violating good academic practice. The Free University of Berlin required the minister to return the PhD certificate within one month after notification of the withdrawal of the degree, acquired through “deceit regarding independent academic achievement”.

  • Newspaper

    Rising reliance on predatory publishing as research expands


    Ameen Amjad Khan - University World News

    A recent 2021 study shows that academics from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries accounted for 17 of the top 20 countries where academics publish in predatory journals. The OIC’s share of global publications has increased to over 8% in 2018. Standards have been compromised in relation to the impact of the number of published papers and citations on staffing, promotions, careers, and benefits.

  • Newspaper

    VCs risk 20 years’ imprisonment over unapproved courses


    Graphic Online - University World News

    Following the implementation of the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 2020 (Act 1023) any new Higher Education institution in Ghana that advertises or runs a programme for which it has no accreditation, penalties will include paying a fine of GHS240,000 (US$41,400). Alternatively, the vice-chancellor or rector of the institution concerned will be imprisoned for up to 20 years, but both penalties can be applied.

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